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Let Nicky and Pippa Be Your Guide

Bible in One Year is a practice that Nicky & Pippa Gumbel have been doing for over thirty years. Join them each day as they take you into every chapter and every verse in the Bible and let the Holy Spirit speak into your life.

Join us as we read the Bible each day. It’s a practice that we have been doing for over 30 years and we hope it will benefit your life as much as it has ours.

Nicky & Pippa lead Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), a church in central London. They first introduced the Bible in One Year commentary in 2011 as a daily email for their congregation members. Since then it has grown beyond that daily email to be a website, app, podcast, and more with a worldwide following.

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Today's Reading

Today Day 146: El nombre del Señor Salmos 68:1-6 · Juan 16:5-17:5 · 1 Samuel 17:38-18:30

Day 145: No puedes fallar

Day 144: Cómo finalizar bien

Day 143: El amor de tu vida

Day 142: Toma tiempo para celebrar

Day 141: ¿Un buen gobierno?

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